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Do you have a mosquito problem? Let our experts assist you in finding the best solution. Mosquito Management System offers consultations to residential, commercial and government property owners who find themselves beset by the problems associated with a large, uncontrolled mosquito population. 

Book a date with us to allow our friendly consultants to visit you and explore our of effective products and solutions without obligation. We firmly believe that the most effective abatement and control strategy is one which is tailored to your specific requirements, and our staff will be able advise you better after the visit. 

Mosquito Management System offers the following services to clients on a contract. Customers who have previously purchased our products may also engage our services at an additional cost. 

Replacement of Attractants

All our traps rely on active attractants to bait and kill mosquitoes within your premises. These attractants are consumables which need to be replaced periodically for optimal performance. During routine visits, technicians will assist contracted customers in the replacement of baits and attractants, which must be purchased separately. While dry attractants typically last more than a few weeks, wet attractants evaporate and need to be replenished more frequently. For best results, we recommend that customers who own wet traps such as the Mosquito Slayer schedule our visits twice weekly. 

Periodic On-site Maintenance

Traps inevitably warrant periodic maintenance, especially in the hot and wet climate of tropical Singapore. During visits, our technicians will check to ensure that all your traps are in working order, and are functioning optimally. Where necessary, traps which have accumulated significant amounts of caked-up attractants and other detritus internally will be rinsed and cleaned. While this service is provided gratis to customers on a contract, it must be stressed that customers should themselves routinely inspect and empty traps in order to prolong their lifespan. 

On-site Servicing and Trap Replacement

While all our products are designed rugged and made to last, we do acknowledge that moving parts and UV lights may fail after prolonged operation. If we find that a trap is faulty during any of our visits, our technicians are trained to conduct on-site assessments and repairs so that you will never be out of our protection. Should our technicians find that the trap needs to be taken back for more extensive servicing, we will temporarily loan you a new unit until the servicing is complete. During the period of your contract and/or warranty, the replacement of UV lights and fans will be free. Even after your contract or warranty, we will only charge you the cost of the parts. 

Limited Warranty

We take pride in delivering goods which have been manufactured to strict quality control standards. While your product is under warranty, we will provide On-site Servicing and Trap Replacement at no additional cost. This limited warranty shall be voided should our staff deem our products to have been deliberately or accidentally damaged, misused, repaired by an unauthorized person or technician, modified or otherwise tampered with. In such a case, customers may be asked to front the cost of repairs and/or replacement, at the discretion of Mosquito Management System. This limited warranty is non-transferable.