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EcoSmart - Organic Flying Insect Killer

This 14 oz aerosol is use to kills and controls flying insects such as flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, and wasps. All natural ingredients make it environmentally safe to be use indoors. It is fast and effective to ensure home is pest free. Just direct spray at the flying insect and worry not about the residue.

Active Ingredients:
Peppermint Oil2.0%
Cinnamon Oil1.0%
Sesame Oil1.0%
Other Ingredients*96.0%

*Water, Wintergreen Oil, Insopropanol, Canola Oil, Lecithin, Carbon Dioxide


EcoSmart - Organic Garden Insect Killer

This 24 oz is ready to use to kills and repels garden insects and mites. Kill exposed eggs, larvae and adult stages. It can be applied on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, tree and shrubs. The non-toxic formula is safe to use around children and pets and also safe to spray on the same day you harvest from your garden.

Active Ingredients:
Rosemary Oil0.25%
Peppermint Oil0.25%
Thyme Oil0.25%
Clove Oil0.25%
Other Ingredients*99%

*Water, Mineral Oil (USP), Octadecenoic Acid Potassium Salt, Lecithin


EcoSmart - Organic Home Pest Control

It is a 24 oz spray bottle and ready to use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Kills and repels over 100 home invading pests: Ants, Beetles, Centipedes, Cockroaches, and other crawling insect pests. Spray on the pet beds, crack and crevices for flea and tick control. Made from organic plant oils and kills bugs naturally to better protect your family. It is safe and effective without pesticide residue.

Active Ingredients:
2-Phenethyl Propionate2.0%
Clove Oil1.0%
Rosemary Oil1.0%
Peppermint Oil1.0%
Thyme Oil0.5%
Other Ingredients*94.5%

*Water, Octadecenoic Acid Potassium Salt, Lecithin


EcoSmart - Organic Personal Insect Repellent

Keeps bugs away for hours. It doesn't use DEET or other synthetic chemicals. This 6 oz pump spray is powerful, all-natural, and non-toxic formula is made from organic plant oils, and repels mosquitoes, gnats and other annoying pest for hours. It also dries quickly and has a fresh and natural scent. It’s safe to use on the entire family, including small children and infants.

Active Ingredients:
Rosemary Oil0.5%
Cinnamon Leaf Oil0.5%
Lemongrass Oil0.5%
Other Ingredients*97.5%

*2-Propanol, Isopropyl Myristate, Wintergreen Oil



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