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Established in Singapore in 1982, Mosquito Management System Pte Ltd is a distributor and service provider of a range of products focused on the abatement and control of mosquitoes in homes and various facilities around Singapore.

There are many different types of mosquitoes that exist, which have been known to spread life-threatening diseases such as: dengue, chikungunya, malaria and other debilitating ailments, in many parts of the world.

Importing one of its main products, the Mosquito Slayer from Australia, Mosquito Management System is a specialist in its field, with the aim of achieving and maintaining control over this potentially deadly menace in both living spaces and work environments across the country.

Our focus is to provide a systemised approach to the control and abolishment of the mosquitoes in localised areas, both inside and around homes and facilities in tropical locations. We aim to give you a total peace of mind by reducing the number of these disease-carrying nuisances in your living and working spaces.    

Realising that mosquitoes cannot be totally eradicated from our lives, the individual product manufacturers that Mosquito Management System represents, sought to develop control systems that would enable individual home owners or facility managers better control over their environments.

Since the introduction of customised monthly maintenance and services in 2005, Mosquito Management System has been continuously attaining credibility, by providing effective tailored-solutions to the mosquito problem that assails homes and businesses in Singapore year after year.

With the advent of these new technologies (ie. Mosquito Slayer and other products) and the establishment of a feasible and effective service structure, increasing number of homes and facilities across the island are getting the protection that Mosquito Management System provides each year. Delivered through an innovative and customer centric service based structure, Mosquito Management System not only provides worry free service and maintenance, but also continuous and effective control over the predominant existence of Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes in Singapore and around the region.

With this new approach, Mosquito Management System provides Singapore home owners and facility managers valued services through easy to understand customer-centric service contracts and cost-effective rates that renders a win-win situation for all our customers, both new and existing.

Simply put, our tailored systems are not only designed to meet your specific needs and expectations, it will also provide you with 24-7 protection 365 days a year, giving you absolute peace of mind from the prevalent potential problems caused by these perennial pests.